Monique Collignon brings a series of sustainable fashionable mouth masks to the market

Monique Collignon – one of the Netherlands’ best-known designers – has designed a series of durable and fashionable face masks. “I got a lot of questions from people if I could design fashionable mouth masks. In addition, many people already wear face masks for protection and will soon be required in public transport, among other things. That is why I decided to design them. Because I obviously did not want to claim the protective materials that are intended for healthcare, I started doing research. My requirement was that it should not only be a fashionable face mask, but above all it should be protected, washable, made of light material and durable, “says Monique. Textiles & More produced these fashionable mouth masks.

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Collignon starts with a series of five different designs, but this will soon be expanded to twenty different designs. “It is especially stylish. If we still have to wear a mask, then we still want it to look nice and not be as standard or clownish, “says Monique.

Made by Textiles & More

During her search for quality mouth masks, the designer ended up with the Netherlands-based company Textiles & More. They make it from a special fabric called Evolon. The mouth masks are washable at a minimum of 60 degrees and therefore reusable. The fabric retains its functional properties even after many washes. Textiles & More has had the filtration efficiency of the mouth masks tested at TNO. Based on these tests, the mouth masks meet at least the type IIR Surgical reference mouth masks. The face masks have a filtration efficiency of at least 90% against airborne particles. The anti-allergic composition forms a natural barrier against smog, dust, bacteria, pollen and other allergens. The dense microfibre fabric provides sufficient air permeability and wicks away moisture under the mask. The material is a non woven, very comfortable, breathable and soft.